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LM TOM Blueprint

Building anything needs a blueprint and modernisation is no exception. One of the critical tasks in the last six months has been to create that blueprint for the LM TOM Programme.

The Blueprint has a number of objectives – it confirms how the different elements of the programme fit together; re-affirms that the priority status of the initiatives are still valid; and most importantly it outlines a set of further solutions that gives the market choices about what to implement and over what timeframe so it can decide how to balance the expected investment against benefits.


The TOM Blueprint story

Why we’re doing this and what to share with senior colleagues internally


What's in the Blueprint?

Details on what is underway and what’s to come


How does it fit together?

For technical teams, to explain the detail of the programme


Good for us?

A cost benefit calculator is available from your Market Association

Good for the market?

The costs and benefits of each solution


What can we expect?

How the changes will affect different organisations and roles