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Current Status

The Data Steering Board has been introduced as part of the Governance for DI, consisting of senior market representatives, who will focus on the strategic direction and priorities to ensure better data and value is delivered for the London Market through the LM TOM Data Integration Programme.
Central Services Refresh Programme

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The agreed Data Management Pilot scope and approach, where the key focus will be to validate the Data Management capability and benefit case through incremental steps, while showing tangible value in the process to the Market and in support of the TOM Projects

For Master Data Management (MDM) a successful technical pilot has been delivered, exposing broker, coverholder and carrier master  data from the market directory via web services for 2 managing agents. There are discussion in progress regarding the extension of the Pilot to a broader set of Market participants as well as include publishing of London Market reference data (in scope for 2016).

Work in progress, in cooperation with ACORD, to define an initial target adoption plan of new/ enhanced messages to meet the integration requirements of PPL, CSRP, DA and SDC.

The Distributed Ledger Proof of Concept (PoC) is progressing with one vendor responsible for the test of one Use Case scenario (“coverholder approval” - minimum viable product comprising Know Your Customer, KYC, documentation) GARY