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PPL re-schedules delivery dates

March 27th, 2107 – the board of PPL Ltd has announced today that it has decided to bring phase I of integration forward and push Release 2C back. The former allows the alignment of PPL to the structured data capture initiative which will help the market to realise the benefits from reduced re-keying. Release 2C contains a wealth of improved functionality and usability with improved workflow and performance. Preparations for introducing the Property & Casualty class will continue as planned.

David Ledger, Chairman of the PPL Board said "By bringing the two deliveries together in June, we can give the market the extra time they have asked for to review and ready themselves for the next release of PPL.

“The market has stressed the importance of the PPL board listening to their concerns and, in light of this, we have had discussions with Ebix senior management to look at how we can better accommodate the market’s needs. It has become clear that there are concerns that the timescale for 2C is too ambitious, particularly as regards Market Acceptance Testing, and we have taken on board that the market wants faster integration. We felt it prudent to look at our options for change, without undermining momentum the market has built up so far.”

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